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Novation circuit

28.10.2020 By Taubei

Launched somewhat out of the blue at the start of October, Circuit is Novation's first groovebox not counting 's rack-mounted, x0x-emulating DrumStation. It's a standalone, digital instrument featuring a four-part drum machine, two six-note polyphonic synths and a deceptively deep sequencer.

In the words of Novation, Circuit is "designed to inspire", with a heavy emphasis on immediacy, intuitiveness and experimentation. However, despite this being new territory for the British brand, there's a lot about Circuit that feels familiar.

For one thing, the device takes most of its design cues from the recent Launchpad Pro. Its chassis features the same combination of matt-black top, rounded corners and rubberised base, while its central sequencer grid is built from slightly smaller versions of the Launchpad's backlit, velocity-sensitive pads.

Build-wise, Circuit feels slightly more lightweight and plastic-y than the Launchpad Pro, but still gives the impression of being a well-built, quality piece of kit. There's also a built-in speaker on the underside, which outputs at a decent volume but, predictably, lacks a little in low-end power.

For true portability Circuit can be powered either by AA batteries inserted into its base or via a mains connection on the rear panel. Circuit's links to previous Novation products run deeper than mere cosmetics though.

NOVATION CIRCUIT - грувбокс и MIDI-контроллер

The engine under the hood is based on the company's Nova line of synths, and much of the workflow borrows heavily from the Launchpad Pro. That Nova sound engine is impressive too. It has a distinctly digital quality to it, but that shouldn't be taken as a criticism. Rather, where many of Circuit's direct rivals have set their sights on replicating the raspy, analogue quality of classic monosynths, Novation's groovebox excels at the sort of complex polyphonic sounds you just couldn't get from an analogue synth at this price point; all full of interesting textures and modulation.

There's a decent range of sounds onboard too. Each of the two synths can select one of 64 preset sounds, which range from bold leads and modern basses to rich pads and atmospheric textures.

As with the synth sounds, there's a nicely broad selection on offer, which goes beyond the usual x0x-mimicing staples you tend to find in budget grooveboxes although there are a few of these included too. Editing sounds is handled by a bank of eight continuous rotaries along the top of the unit. With either of the synths selected these become eight Macro controls, used to tweak and shape a relatively cryptic assortment of the chosen preset's parameters.

Novation states that, where possible, these Macro controls are broken down into pairs editing - from left to right - oscillators, envelope, filters and modulation.

In reality though, the structure is fairly vague and there are numerous presets that don't fit the arrangement. Novation state that its lack of clear labelling is designed to encourage happy accidents, and there's certainly something to be said for this; there's plenty of fun to be had selecting presets at random and blind-tweaking the controls, which often throws up fantastic, unexpected sounds.

But, when searching for sounds with more of a specific idea of what we were after, we regularly found presets that almost fit the bill but didn't quite offer the necessary controls to, say, tweak the amp envelope or filter cutoff in the way we wanted.

Drum editing is a little more straightforward. The four drum parts are divided into pairs which share a sequencer page and bank of rotaries, with four Macro controls for each drum part. These are more reliably arranged to control, from left to right, pitch, decay, distortion and filtering.

All in all Circuit is a bit of a mixed bag on the sound design front. It certainly lives up to its desire to deliver immediacy but, particularly on the synth side, this comes at a cost in terms of depth.

We'd love to see an editor application from Novation in the future, to give slightly deeper and clearer access to synth parameters via USB connection.

novation circuit

There's still plenty of variety onboard though, which prevents Circuit feeling limited. If Circuit is a touch shallow on the sound design front, it more than makes up for it with its frankly excellent sequencer.Whether you're a producer, a musician or you just want a quick and easy way to play, Circuit will do something for you.

It's a starting point for your music-making; jam with Circuit's synths and samples, sync or sequence other devices, or unplug everything and start something anywhere.

Circuit is fun, affordable, intuitive and it keeps getting better. Use two six-voice polyphonic Nova-heritage digital synths and four drums - with independent pitch, decay, distortion and filter controls - to build a beat.

novation circuit

Flip in your own samples for complex and changing rhythms on the fly. Then hook up to your other MIDI devices and have everything play along. You have four parts. You can create eight Patterns per part, per Session, and mix, match and chain in any way you can imagine for endless, complex and evolving tracks. Then add or switch patterns, record automation on macro controls or FX, and change your drum pattern lengths to switch it up as you go, even while playing.

Circuit has a broad, quality sound palette, inspiring workflow and a sequencer that beats instruments fourtimes its price. You have up to 60 seconds of sample time, shared across 64 slots. You could have both a kick and a snare on Drum 1, for example, leaving you three more sequencer lines for whatever sample insanity you can think of.

The first thing I noticed about Circuit was how extremely intuitive and easy it was to use In my opinion, one of the most intuitive interfaces and workflows for a rhythm based synth ever.

Designed for optimized creativity, rather than the 'blank slate syndrome' that sitting down in front of a DAW can bring about. Connect to your computer too and sync with your DAW, access the synth editor, and keep your firmware up-to-date for the latest round of new features.

novation circuit

You don't really need to understand what each knob controls, just listen with your ears and let your fingers shape your sounds. The Circuit excels in this area, while other machines seem almost basic and quaint in comparison. This ability to push user to easily out of their comfort zone while coming up with exciting new approaches in the process makes Circuit's place in any studio seems like a bit of a no-brainer 4.

All you have to do is register your Novation gear, and one offer will be featured in your Novation account every couple of months. Compact - and with a built-in speaker - you can produce whole tracks anywhere with Circuit and six AA batteries. In the studio it will work alongside your standalone synth gear and run in sync with your music software too. Circuit is all you need to inspire, create and play new tunes.

Circuit inspires, straight out of the box. It combines a two-part synthesiser and a four-part drum machine with a 4x8 RGB velocity-sensitive grid-based sequencer, which will have you finding new musical directions and creating electronic grooves in no time.

Want to get the latest updates for Circuit? Compact and battery-powered, Circuit truly stands alone. You can create entire tunes from scratch without a laptop, then save them and play them back live.Upgraded based on users requests and rebuilt from scratch to cope with the demands of automation in Ableton Live. The engine of the free version is good but not up to the rigour of automation from Ableton Live. So we re-wrote it from scratch, making all of the elements controllable by clip envelope including both Synth Engines not just the one in focus!

The more advanced Novation Circuit users will appreciate this means that a parameter can be automated over any length of time enabling the Circuit to become a Drone Engine, in fact unlink the automation envelopes in a clip and have euclidean style automation to really mix things up…. Our Randomisation Engine will allow an intelligent randomisation of the currently selected patch, you can define which elements are randomised down to individual Mod Matrix Slots and then choose how the random formula is applied….

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ClyphX Pro — Please refer directly to the manual and installation video for this specific product. All are to be installed using a version of the Circuit Editor and not via Novations Components back up utility. Circuit Editor PRO. Developer: Isotonik Studios. Compatibility: Ableton Live 9. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Change Log. Sigabort View more products from this vendor.

Rated 5. Released 9th March February — Version 1. Related products Delorean Dream Rated 5.Circuit Mono Station is a scheming, manipulative little beast of a machine, with a deafening roar to be tamed. Featuring three types of analogue distortion effects, a really nasty ring modulator, a chunky sub-oscillator and step automation for all 53 parameters, Circuit Mono Station sounds bloody disgusting.

Sequences can benefit from longer LFOs staying in sync across several notes, perfect for making widely evolving musical phrases. Circuit Mono Station is a unique, powerful and rather loveable little beast that embodies the fusion of old and new technologies that is making synth hardware so exciting right now. Novation have done it again Simple to get into, but complex enough to take your sound to the next level It can be nasty and aggressive when it wants to be, as well as lush-sounding.

Having the same workflow as the Circuit sequencer and synth, Circuit Mono Station really is the potty-mouthed child of Novation. Thanks to the tweakability it can be mangled to do anything from sharp hits to beats and of course those legendary fat basses.

The recent Circuit Mono Station v1. Circuit Mono Station continually evolves, never leaving you hungry for more. All you have to do is register your Novation gear, and one offer will be featured in your Novation account every couple of months. Two oscillators with individual control of sync and tuning parameters.

novation circuit

High-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters with slopes of 12dB and 24dB. Four-by-eight modulation matrix that enables complex alteration and routing. Two oscillator sequencers and one modulation sequencer. CV, Gate and modulation outputs for controlling separate hardware. Connect and sync to your music software and MIDI-compatible hardware.

Modulate, evolve and process your source through the audio input. Backup patches and sessions with Components. Learn more about Components here. Lots of modulation possibilities with the sequencer make for complex sound shaping, and great for external synth CV control….

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Watch Video Tech Specs. Just try and muzzle it Featuring three types of analogue distortion effects, a really nasty ring modulator, a chunky sub-oscillator and step automation for all 53 parameters, Circuit Mono Station sounds bloody disgusting.

Make a nasty riff. Hooking up.The combination of a solid analogue sound engine, uniquely powerful sequencer and competitive price point make this a must-try synth. The synth itself is like a remixed version of the BS II.

These can all be dialled in via the mixer, which also features a gain control for an external audio input, and a rotary for dialling in ring modulation. Mono Station loses the multiple filter types of the BS II in favour of a single multimode filter, switchable between low- high- and band-pass, with dB and dB slopes.

There are resonance and cutoff rotaries as well as an overdrive control, allowing the signal to be pushed hard into the filter. A bypass switch allows either, or both, of osillator 2 and the noise oscillator to dodge the filter completely, which is handy for creating percussive sounds.

Beyond this is a distortion section, switchable between three modes: one offering the distortion circuit from the Bass Station, one offering a new fuzz circuit, and a third option that blends the two. Here, the envelope and LFO count is reduced to one of each, but both feed into a modulation matrix, which also allows velocity and the sequencer to be used as sources.

Circuit Patch Store

There are seven internal destinations: pitch and pulse width for each oscillator, filter cutoff, amp and distortion level - plus a CV output. The other major difference from the Bass Station II is that Mono Station - despite its name - operates in a paraphonic manner, meaning its two oscillators can play two distinct notes, albeit fed through the same signal path. This is controlled using the sequencer. As with the original Circuit, the sequencer and playing interface is laid out across 32 backlit pads, with multiple channels selected via a row of buttons above.

As with the original Circuit, the sequencer itself is a highlight here, offering a depth and flexibility that belies its simple appearance. A new Pattern Settings tab adds yet more functionality too, letting users change the note division for each step pattern as well as direction - switchable between forward, backward, ping-pong and randomise. The new modulation sequencer functions in a similar - although simplified - manner to the melodic ones. Mono Station is equipped with a decent array of ins and outs.

Feeding the headphone out into the audio in can create a nicely gritty feedback loop. It all adds up to a hugely powerful way to interact with the synth engine. The flipside to this is that it can be easy to get lost when designing patches. While colour-coded LEDs indicate parameter states under each control, with no screen it can sometimes be tough to keep track of modulation routings. Novation is planning on adding a quick way to clear both mod routings and synth settings in an upcoming firmware update, which may well be out by the time you read this.

But the deep, multi-channel sequencer, flexible mod matrix and automation all add up to a workflow and creative experience unlike anything else on the market, combining the best of digital flexibility with a classic analogue synth design. This might look like a hybrid of two existing instruments, but the result is much more than the sum of those parts.

MusicRadar The No. Home Reviews. Our Verdict The combination of a solid analogue sound engine, uniquely powerful sequencer and competitive price point make this a must-try synth. Pros Flexible modulation matrix including auxilliary CV out. Deceptively deep sequencer, capable of paraphonic and polyrhythmic sequencing.

Most parameters can be automated. Good range of analogue and digital ins and outs. Cons Without a screen, editing can get a touch confusing. Analogue and digital.Download: CSV Pyramid def. Contributions welcome! The portions of this library that refer to specific devices may be owned by the devices' respective manufacturers. Parameter name Description CC MSB CC LSB CC min CC max NRPN MSB NRPN LSB NRPN min NRPN max Orientation Notes env 1 velocity sysex patch address: 69 0 Centered env 1 attack sysex patch address: 70 73 0 0-based env 1 decay sysex patch address: 71 75 0 0-based env 1 sustain sysex patch address: 72 70 0 0-based env 1 release sysex patch address: 73 72 0 0-based env 2 velocity sysex patch address: 74 0 0 0 Centered env 2 attack sysex patch address: 75 0 1 0 0-based env 2 decay sysex patch address: 76 0 2 0 0-based env 2 sustain sysex patch address: 77 0 3 0 0-based env 2 release sysex patch address: 78 0 4 0 0-based env 3 delay sysex patch address: 79 0 14 0 0-based env 3 attack sysex patch address: 80 0 15 0 0-based env 3 decay sysex patch address: 81 0 16 0 0-based env 3 sustain sysex patch address: 82 0 17 0 0-based env 3 release sysex patch address: 83 0 18 0 0-based.

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