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Hcl notes 11

25.10.2020 By Dulrajas

Just like the Domino server and Sametimethe client side has great enhancements!

hcl notes 11

The full Notes client is stronger than ever. HCL has continued the relationship with panagenda, meaning the Marvel client is still embedded in the Notes client and eases administration of the client. The following will improve the overall user experience.

The colors are softer with the shades of charcoal black and gray being replaced by a brighter blue and light gray, which allows text to stand out. Version 10 of the Notes and Domino offering introduced Nomad. Nomad 10 is a mobile application that allows Notes database use from an iPad with no code changes.

Formulas and LotusScript work just as they do on the full Notes client.

HCL Notes Client V11 Upgrade

Past 11, the goal is to have Nomad available for Android phones. This allows GPS data to be pulled from the mobile device and stored in Notes documents. Additionally, Platform returns mobile client information as a text string — i. This means that web browser clients can authenticate against a Domino server using their Notes ID. Administrators and users no longer need to be concerned with maintaining a separate Internet password. Also, when the user opens an encrypted email in iNotes or Verse on Premise or Traveler, they will no longer receive a password prompt.

I know that it was previously announced that iNotes would disappear in Domino That is no longer the case. While Verse on Premise has been greatly enhanced over the last year, the development team wants to incorporate more features before removing iNotes. As a result, with Domino 11 your browser users may continue to access their email via iNotes. There are no new features in iNotes and only security issues will be addressed. Looking forward, the plan is for iNotes to be deprecated in Domino Hence, you will want to start planning for this change sooner than later.

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What's new in HCL Domino 11.0?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Post a Comment. Powered by Blogger. Toggle navigation xPage Domino. Lotus Notes Domino 11? Whats new in Domino 11?

Domino 11 really? For Domino 11 I can say in one line, Domino 11 is a modern pro-code and low-code platform, you can call its true RAD system. The investment under domino 11 comes in three major parts of domino. These are the three major aspects of Domino Here we will try to understand these points in bit detail Domino 11 Administrator.

Here is a list of new updates for Domino Verse on Cloud with better user experience. Mail Hygiene. New Span Management. Reduce operational costs with use of industry standard cloud object storage. The Enhancement will be done under 5 different phases:.

First Phase. Resolve Rooms and Resource conflicts across tenants. Update for Notes Verse on Cloud feature update.

hcl notes 11

Second Phase. Handle the multiple Orgs. The bulk template update tool. Third Phase. Mail Hygiene Management update. ACL changes via Integration Server.

Fourth Phase. Verse on Cloud synchronized with VOP release. Fifth Phase. Full Rooms and Resources service. Additional functional from the SCN backlog. Change loge has below parameters. Attachments made easy. Intelligent folders for mail. Working across time zones. Customizing the Verse experience. Phase 3, 4, and 5 will carry below Enhancements.Yesterday IBM held a presentation about the continuous road map for Notes.

Highlights: Cloud customers, you are no longer forgotten and you will get all the good stuff! Oh, and: Bye, bye Eclipse. Bye, bye Xpages. Bye, bye Verse app on Mobile and hello lightweight web-version for mobile. Hello different Notes clients. Read all about it here. For cloud users there are really good news: During the updates for on prem and cloud customers will happen simultaneously.

Speaking of Verse. Make no mistake: V11 will contain the very last version of iNotes, the regular webmail from IBM that has been unchanged for almost a decade. From V12, it will only be support for Verse for webmail. That is a cause for celebration!

Be sure to pay attention to that last point. For iOS-users, this might be good news. You will finally have week numbers and the possibility to make private calendar entries.

hcl notes 11

It will also be cost effective for HCL, as they no longer have to contend with different Android OS version and all the hassles that Apple throw in your way when you create apps for the iPhone and iPad.

It will also be much easier for Domino administrators now that they no longer have to struggle with the Traveler server, and loads of Verse apps on their users devices. Even though the focus is on the Domino server and technologies, there is still a business case to be made for the Notes client. For V11 there will be a new client, with a complete overhaul of the user interface see the top photo. Hopefully the feedback from the test group will make it into the product.

hcl notes 11

During the presentation it was said that there would be more than one client. This will be in addition to the full Notes client. When I asked how many Notes clients there would be, and if we could get more details, I was asked to contact them directly after the webinar.By Hogne B.

By Michael G. By John D. Toggle navigation Collaboration Today. Home Follow Contact Statistics About. This webinar also revealed very interesting stuff about the future of Domino Licensing.

Here are all your questions about what Volt is and how it can be used, answered! Here is all you have to know. This is a tool that allows the non-developers a. Citizen Developers at a company to build their own applications without having to write any code at all. Later the application can be enhanced with code, perhaps by someone in IT, but a power user, or even a regular user with some knowledge of Excel will quickly feel at home in Volt.

If you need an up-to-date list of Sametime client types, here is an updated table that also includes versions ID Vault Trust Certificates expire after 10 years. No meaningful blog posts in ages, then in the space of 3 days. Anyway, apparently ID Vaults stop working after 10 years. Not the best decision ever made but the head shed at IBM when 8.

I only discovered this when trying to reset a vaulted password. What's even worse is the error of this type of failure. Perhaps it's an unfamiliarity with the browser-based persistent storage solution or - for those of you familiar with the name - stringValue architecture - you might not consider the direct correlation with the methods most XPages developers use daily.

Thus far, all of my demonstrations of the Flexible View Control have been centered around starting from scratch and integrating the view control into a mostly blank page, aside from a basic Bootstrap layout. Sametime 11 integration with Jitsi. I have worked with my friend and fellow HCL Master Detlev Poettgen in setting up a solution to allow customers to use video-conferencing now, while we wait for Sametime Meetings to ship.

We have used Jitsi, the same technology used by Sametime meeting, and set up a raw integration. Is obviously not a fully integrated solution, but it works pretty well. The agent calls the kyrtool and passes the required parameters to the tool.

Some customers are using wildcard SSL certificates in their environments and want to use them for accessing the Domino environments via Traveler and WebMail. What you'll need: Current Notes Domino Admin client 9. Sametime 11 FP1 upgrade. Sametime 11 FP1 has shipped, so me and my fellow Master and friend Matteo Bisi started upgrading our test servers immediately. We found a couple of thing you may want to be aware of in order to upgrade successfully.Why spend millions to migrate your apps to a new platform for no net-new functionality?

From low-code to pro-code, HCL Domino is the only rapid application development platform that allows your business to build applications and processes that last to solve any challenge, fast, from IT to business. Looking for HCL Notes, our on-premises email client? Go Now. See the full guide. Web Content Viewer Display content menu Display portlet menu. Apps that run your business.

Schedule A Demo Download v Trusted around the globe Thousands of companies — big and small — use Domino apps to run their business. Upgrade to v11 Today. Domino knows applications. See What's New. Read the guide. See all Features. Read the Study. Apps that run your business HCL Domino is the only rapid application development platform that allows your business to build applications and processes that last to solve any challenge, fast.

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Demo Schedule Confirmed. Complementary Content. Considering migrating your apps off Domino? Our app migration calculator will estimate the likely cost of moving to a different platform with no new functionality. And with our new Domino Accelerators, your path to modernization will be a no-brainer.By Nigel Cheshire.

What's new in HCL Notes 11?

Probably the most interesting aspect of the strategy, from our point of view, is almost the opening statement in the webinar. That means investment in new tooling, new integration capabilities and deployment models. Here are the highlights. With V11, the emphasis has shifted to providing new ways for business users to build apps using a low-code model.

Leap is a web based forms builder with workflow capabilities, and is the product formerly known as IBM Forms Experience Builder. The bigger news though, is that HCL is using Web Assembly technology to deliver that same thin client experience in any browser.

DQL Domino Query Language gets some improvements too, including the ability to create view indexes programmatically, as well as new support for full text search. Despite the introduction of Leap for Domino, the current Domino Designer will continue in its current form with enhancementsat least for this major release.

Here are a few to whet your appetite:. The Notes UI itself gets a makeover and looks quite a bit sleeker. At least in the slightly fuzzy screenshot that was flashed up during the webinar! The app templates that ship with the product discussion, team room, etc are getting significant makeovers of their own, which will make them look more at home in web and mobile environments. This will help with calendar integration with platforms such as O, Exchange and Gmail.

Browser based lightweight client strategy for apps, mail and chat. Nomad for apps is part of a larger strategy to provide thin, browser based access to Domino apps and mail via Verse as well as Sametime for chat.

HCL appears to be delivering on their promise to make significant investments in the Notes and Domino platform and we really like their strategy for application development and deployment. We look forward to getting our hands on the V11 beta next month. Developer Tools. Migration Tools. HCL Products. Tech Support. Contact Sales. Support for IBM Employees. Professional Services. Product Documentation. August 8, Standard Template Modernization The app templates that ship with the product discussion, team room, etc are getting significant makeovers of their own, which will make them look more at home in web and mobile environments.HCL Notes provides business collaboration functions, such as emailcalendars, to-do listscontact management, discussion forums, file sharing, microblogging, instant messaging, blogs, and user directories.

It can also be used with other HCL Domino applications and databases. Lotus Development Corporation originally developed "Lotus Notes" in HCL acquired the products in July HCL Notes is a desktop workflow application, commonly used in corporate environments for email and to create discussion groups, websites, document libraries, custom applications and business workflows.

IBM Notes resembles a web-browser in that it may run any compatible application that the user has permission for. A Domino application-developer can change or completely replace that application. Programmers can develop applications for HCL Notes in a variety of development languages including:.

The client supports a formula language as well as JavaScript. Software developers can build applications to run either within the HCL Notes application runtime environment or through a web server for use in a web browser, although the interface would need to be developed separately unless XPages is used. Notes can access both local- and server-based applications and data. The system can retrieve recipient addresses from any LDAP server, including Active Directoryand includes a web browser, although it can be configured by a Domino Developer to launch a different web browser instead.

HCL Notes can be used with HCL Sametime instant-messaging to allow to see other users online and chat with one or more of them at the same time. Beginning with Release 6.

Since version 7, Notes has provided a Web services interface. A design client, HCL Domino Designer, can allow the development of database applications consisting of forms which allow users to create documents and views which display selected document fields in columns.

In addition to its role as a groupware system email, calendaring, shared documents and discussionsHCL Notes and Domino can also construct "workflow"-type applications, particularly those which require approval processes and routing of data.

Since Release 5, server clustering has had the ability to provide geographic redundancy for servers.

There are different supported versions of the HCL Domino server that are supported on the various levels of server operating systems. Usually the latest server operating system is only officially supported by a version of HCL Domino that is released at about the same time as that OS.

Notes 11: The Countdown Continues

HCL Domino has security capabilities on a variety of levels. The authorizations can be granular, down to the field level in specific records all the way up to 10 different parameters that can be set up at a database level, with intermediate options in between. Users can also assign access for other users to their personal calendar and email on a more generic reader, editor, edit with delete and manage my calendar levels. The first release of IBM Notes included a generalized replication facility.

The generalized nature of this feature set it apart from predecessors like Usenet and continued to differentiate IBM Notes. IBM Domino servers and Notes clients identify NSF files by their Replica IDs, and keep replicate files synchronized by bi-directionally exchanging data, metadata, and application logic and design.

There are options available to define what meta-data replicate, or specifically exclude certain meta data from replicating. Replication between two servers, or between a client and a server, can occur over a network or a point-to-point modem connection.

Replication between servers may occur at intervals according to a defined schedule, in near- real-time when triggered by data changes in server clusters, or when triggered by an administrator or program. The client synchronizes any changes when client and server next connect.