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Free Help. From the word Qawwali we also get another word Qawwali which means a musician or singer who sings the hymns or praises of God and dictums of the prophets, saints and other holy personages in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and even Hindustani composed by reputed Sufi saints and poets.

These Qawwali concerts are magnetic in nature and touch the delicate cord of human heart which, being ethereal, is the main centre of spiritual awakening in man. At present the nearest airport is the Kishangarh Ajmer International Airport, about 15 KM away and also near to Jaipur International Airport, about km away, with flights connecting several major cities in India. Indian Railway is commited to serve the devotees who comes for the blessing of khwaja.

Ajmer is one of the major Junction in India. The people of the Indian subcontinent had a first glimpse of the eternal spiritual love in the form of the widely revered Sufi Saint, Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti R. This website is dedicated to him. His shrine is a congregation of all faiths.

People from all walks of life, all religions, every caste and creed find equal solace and fulfilment of their inner desires at this Holy Shrine. And when true love is evident, the prayers get answered even before they are made. Such is the power of love and devotion.

His closeness to Khwaja was such that even his shrine is on the right-hand side of the holy shrine of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaz. This privileged legacy is evident in Peer Baba's love for Khwaja and devotion to his principles. Peer Baba's selfless love and ageless wisdom have the power to take you on a unique spiritual path that very few in today's world believe even exists. And all that he asks for in return is your love for Khwaja without whom this journey would never be possible.

Syed Sameer Chishty Shah. He has always endeavoured to bring together people with the message of love and devotion in the eternal pursuit of truth. This website is a gesture of the gratefulness of some very blessed and fortunate followers of Sufi Peer Baba who thank Allah, his Prophet and Holy Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz to have given them this destiny. So, brothers and sisters, we invite you to come and witness this ultimate experience of human existence that will redefine your relationship with Allah, his prophet and his saints.

In the process, you will not only witness an end to all your sufferings or enjoy the fulfilment of your desires but above all end-up with a heart that is content with peace and filled with the love for Allah, his Prophet and Holy Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz.

Every year unlimited no.

If ur family member or relatives face any problem u can email or call me to get all ur problems solved.We provide FREE spiritual treatment for all kind of problems. Read More. Big Flower Basket A big size tray of flowers with a packet of Incence [Agarbatti], Rose Attar] will be offered in behalf of you on the mazar sharif.

Small size chaddar size 4ft X 6ft made of certain cloth and small tray of flower and packet of Incence will be offered in behalf of you on the mazar sharif. Pot of 25 kg Ricevegetarian biryani, cooked with spices and vegetable for neaz and feed poor people.

Pot of 25 kg RiceChicken biryani, cooked with spices and chicken for neaz and feed poor people. If you want you can order holy Tabarruk hampar Prasad. Which consist [a] Dry Rose petal [b] Sandal wood powder [c] Red and orange thread [d] picture of dargah sharif [e] Audio CD of famous qawalli. If you want we can send you the Chaddar of mazar sharif, which is good to keep at home as blessing from the mazar sharif.

Dua At Ajmer Sharif Dargah KGN

The Taweez is made by hand of silver plate and it is from the dargah sharif, which is very power to keep at home for barakat,it keeps house and the member of the house safeand protect evil eye, negative energy and black magic and for health problem. The Taweez is made of a silver plate and it is from the Dargah Sharif, which is very power to keep at the office and it is for improvement of business, work and solve financial condition.

Quraan recitation is done by elderly people and dua is done for betterment of the family or individual. Darood recitation is done and dua is done for betterment of the family or individual. Velvet Chaddar Small size chaddar size 4ft X 6ft made of certain cloth and small tray of flower and packet of Incence will be offered in behalf of you on the mazar sharif. Tabarruk Hamper If you want you can order holy Tabarruk hampar Prasad.

TAWEEZ1 The Taweez is made by hand of silver plate and it is from the dargah sharif, which is very power to keep at home for barakat,it keeps house and the member of the house safeand protect evil eye, negative energy and black magic and for health problem. Tasbee [ bits] 1 A Tasbee made of real stone haqiq of stone.

ajmer sharif dargah dua

Quraan-E-Pak ka qatam Quraan recitation is done by elderly people and dua is done for betterment of the family or individual. Darood-E-Pak ka qatam Darood recitation is done and dua is done for betterment of the family or individual. Gem stones Gem stones are used for do many spiritual healings.You can now safely deposit your donations via Paypal.

The magnitude of the donation is upto the donater. Also we can arrange for lungar Feeding the poor people. Also arrangements can be made for Haqiqa and Bismillah Sharif. There are very poor people who need your financial assistance Every dayEvery Month. In return we Khadims of Ajmer Sharif and the poor that you assist can pray four you and your family. In Ajmer sharif the dargah also provide financial assistance to people who intend to go to Hajj or Ummrah.

Remember it is the thought that counts that matters in the path of charity. Please ensure you inform us how you would like you donation spent in accordance to your Mannat. This is very important.

We also receive guests from all over the world. We assist in Visa applications by providing a letter of invitation and meet and greet at the Airports. A and Allah will help you in your cause be it ailment,suffering or stress or problems of any nature.

Since Zakaat is handled carefully and in accordance to its strict principles. If you are not sure please ring or email us on A: Yes you do, as, Wazaif are read by credible people who have been vetted to read Wazaif properly in the Dargah Sharif and also monitored by Dargah administration. Therefore you are donating this money to them, so, this is a charitable cause in itself.

We do not make any profit on this whatsoever. Actually we do not make any profit on money coming through the donation button since this is all designated for Charitable Causes. A: Yes you can. Please contact us before you do this since, Qurbani prices do change over time so make sure you contact us before you submit your donation. Q: I have a small donation. This is not enough to fulfil any good cause can I donate it so, it gets contributed towards some good?

It is a rare occasion where one donator contributes for the full project or cause out right! A: Yes! It will also have our Telephone number and email address should you have query regarding your donation.

A: I would like to donate to a good cause in the Dargah sharif or other good cause that Ajmer sharif dargah support and sponsor. However I would like to come in person and complete this while i am there my self. Is this possible?Every-day no where in the world at any Astana such a large number of functions and ceremonies is performed as at the Holy Astana of Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz and that too, in a highly traditional way and strictly in accordance with the Chishtia precepts.

These spiritual programmes are the source of earning, the blessings, pleasure and confidence of the Holy Saint and have proved beneficial for attainment of high spiritual ecstasy and bliss. Though these functions are performed by Khadims, yet, they have been attended by devotees for their own benefit.

Therefore, devotees in large number attend these functions and receive the blessings of the Holy Khwaja and feel enlightened. If these functions are attended with piety and devotion all the prayers which are made at those timings are sure to be granted. The detailed description of these functions is given below. Flowers and chadar are removed from the Mazaar which is then cleansed and fresh flowers and chadar are offered. Once this ceremony is over, khadims standing in between the two enceintes and outside the second enceinte start cleaning the floor with 'Farasha' a special dust remover made with peacock feathers.

During this ceremony devotees are not permitted to enter the tomb. For them the southern door of the tomb is open, where they are allowed to enter into the tomb and sit in the open space near the shrine of Hazrat Bibi Hafiza Jamal, daughter of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. Once the khadims are finished with the ritual of Khidmat inside the tomb, the devotees are allowed to enter into the tomb and perform Ziarat of the Mazaar.

This ceremony ends before the call of Azaan for Salat of Fajr. At this time, though the doors of the tomb are closed the southern door is used for entrance into the tomb.

At the time of this ceremony, devotees are permitted to enter the tomb. They are allowed to stand in between the space of the walls of the tomb and the enceinte of the Mazaar. At this time after removal of the flowers and chadar, sandal, attar, kewra and rose water are presented on the Mazaar.

At the end of prayers fresh flowers and chadar are presented on the Mazaar. The floor of the tomb is also cleansed in traditional manner. Women are not permitted to enter the tomb during the entire period of this ceremony. Every day about 20 minutes before Maghrib prayer the ceremony of lighting is held. The way in which this ceremony is performed is that some khadims bring candles especially prepared for this purpose in their hands towards the Chhoti Deg.

As soon as they start moving from the Chhoti Deg towards the Holy Tomb, drums are beaten. Everyone starts gathering inside the tomb, those who can not enter the tomb stand outside on either side of the main entrance in the Begami Dalan. At this time too, women are not permitted to enter into the tomb. They place those candles in the lamps.When you deposit the Holy Shrine amount please inform us through phone or email:- holyajmer yahoo. I hope our sweet relation may be stronger through the blessings of Khwaja Sahab and you will always remember me.

Chishtia – Roshni Dua !

Please always write to me for tawiz or any thing of this Khwaja Sahab Holy Shrine required by you. Please do not give them any amount because anybody cannot enter fair in our Syed Zaadgan Family Community. If any person contact you about it please inform me as soon as possible by phone aur through text to confirm because all the managements of Aastana E Gharib Nawaz R. A belong only with our Syed Zaadgan Chishty Family.

Contact Gaddi Nashin Ajmer Sharif. Shah Syed Fakhar Nawaz Chishty. Chishty Manzil Zia House.

ajmer sharif dargah dua

Email :- syedajmer yaho. Bank Account. Email:- syedajmer yahoo. Ataye Rasool saw Hazrat Garib Nawaz r.

ajmer sharif dargah dua

The England Bank Account. Contact Shah Saheb. You may deposit your hearty contribution amount direct in England Bank Account. Picture Gallery.

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In attention of Khwaja Garib Nawaz R.Asslam Alikum — Greetings and blessings from Ajmer sharif Dargah to all! We pray for all to be in the status of Strong Imaan, Good Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity, even though we are all going through testing times from the Coronavirus epidemic throughout the world.

We pray that Allah SWT bless us all with protection, hasten recovery and normality. We pray specially for the senior and vulnerable of our societies during this period of uncertainty. The coming month of Ramadan is of great blessings and divinity. We pray that all your prayers, fasting, religious devotion be accepted by the Almighty creator. As, we are all fully aware that this coming month is a beneficent month, we make a very strong appeal to all faithful and devotees of Ajmer Sharif Dargah.

We request all, to spend their hard-earned earnings wisely and thoughtfully and effectively in Charitable causes during this blessed month of Ramadan Hijri. Ajmer Sharif Dargah itself, administer charitable causes as follows: 1.

Organising and assisting in funding the weddings of Males and females of poor families. Assisting poor families financially; to buy school uniform for children. Feeding the vulnerable, many whom have no means to feed themselves, thus, would otherwise go to sleep Hungary. Assisting those people who are in crises point in life. They have nowhere to turn to.

Their properties no longer exist, they have ended up in financial ruins and end up on the door step of Hzrt Khwaja Gharib Nawz R. A for assistance and guidance. Theses amongst many other charitable causes are funded by the Ajmer Sharif Dargah in India. Therefore, we ask and urge all to give your donations large or small, Zakaat! Ameen,sum Ameen! If you are donating as Zakaat! Donations for Ajmer Sharif can now be safely taken online.

The link below will take you to our main web-page where you can donate safely via PayPal platform. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you would like to change your preferences you may do so by following the instructions here Read More Accept Reject. Necessary Always Enabled.It is the belief that the sufi saints still listen and respond but in other way that is the reason that people visit their Dargahs to make dua from Allah SBT with their reference and perform chadarposhi and chiragha lighting a lamp on grave as a token of respect.

Everyone here has a right to visit any religious place. All these things they do with devotions and respect. His resting place is in Baghdad, Iraq. This shrine is visited by the devotees of all the religions Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs etc.

Lal Shahbaz qalandar is also famous as Jhoole Lal. His actual name was juanaid baghdadi but he had multiple titles such as Abul Qasim, Sayyadut taaif. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi visited haramain sharif at the age of seven. There was a gathering of not less then Ulma here.

After listening to Hazrat about gratefulness, all the ulema who were presented in the meeting said that they could not have described it better. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi had several karamats supernatural wonders which are done by Auliya Allah ;one of his biggest karamat is to be very firm on Shariah and every action of his life was the refection of the Sunnah of Holy Porphet PBUH. Mevlana in urdu is Maulana so the maulana museum in turkey is the final resting place of a famous poet Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi.

Devotees may fast, or give charity and varies from person to person. Ajmer is a very famous town in the state of Rajasthan, India. He was a migrant from persia and Garib nawaz is considered the prominent personality among the spiritual leaders in the world,this tomb is built with marbles and has 11 arches with the reflection of persian art.

Devotees of every religion visit this tomb throughout the year. There is no barrier of cast and creed to seek blessings from Khwaja Garib Nawaz Dargah.

ajmer sharif dargah dua

This is one of the most famous Dargahs around the world. The management committee hosts the annual urs on this Dargah.

Urs is the death anniversary of the saintly figure, hundreds of thousands of people attend this event. Buland darwaza means a big gate.

Kaliyar is the small town in the Uttaranchal state. He was a saintly figure in Roorkee, another town, which is also famous for Piran Kaliyar Sharif Dargah. Roorkee is 10 Km from Kaliyar and km from Delhi. There are lot of buses available for the journey.

It is said that after making his supplications King Akbar was blessed with baby boy and he named him Salim. It even has accommodation for devotees which is within the premises. There are several hotels, lodges and guest houses near the Dargah, where it is easy to get the accommodation.

Lost Password? Create Account. A Ajmer Sharif. A brief history and facts about Dargah What is a Dargah? Why are Dargahs built? Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani R. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi R. Imam Hasan al-Basri R. Hazrat Shah Jalal R. Kaliyar Sharif Kaliyar is the small town in the Uttaranchal state. Search engine Use this form to find things you need on this site.